Many small business owners, craftsman, service people and even large companies have asked themselves this question many times. Especially when starting a new company. There is a simple answer, YES YES YES! But why?

Back in the past the first thing a new organization did was to buy a spot in the “Yellow Pages” or business telephone directory. This was essential. But not today. Most people don’t even use telephone directories presently. Myself, when I get a new phone directory it goes directly from the porch to the rubbish pile! I haven’t looked in one of these books in probably 10 years. The reason is I am techno-savy and use the internet for looking up everything I need. Most people under the age of 45 – 50 or so do the same. The older generation that is not so techno-savy will use the phone books, but even they are learning fast. Do you really want to miss over 60% of the population with your advertising?

Besides, an add in the phone book will cost dearly. A couple of years ago when starting a handyman business I sprung for a yellow page ad. It cost me $800.00 for a year, more than I would pay for a decent website from RCE Websites. During that year I only received one (1) customer from the listing. Every single other customer I got was through the internet in one fashion or another and my website was crucial in all cases.

But certainly you say, you can advertise on the internet without having your own web site eh? Yes – and no. You can advertise on Craigslist or some other online site, but you really need a website to put on that ad! It’s kinda like advertising in the phone book without a telephone number. People will see your ad, then want to go to your website to get more information or just see how professional you are. A well made website that is easy to navigate and full of the information people are looking for is absolutely essential. By advertising online and including my website, I was able to make a living with my handyman business. Your business can too!

Here are come common mis-conceptions:

  • Websites cost too much.
  • Wrong – you can find a website developer that will create a site for you starting at only $250.00! A full eCommerce site only costs around $1200.00. That’s about the price of one of those phone ads.

  • Websites are too hard to keep up to date.
  • Again, wrong. You can’t change a yellow page ad for an entire year! A website however can easily be changed by using CMS or Content Management Systems. Any decent developer will include CMS in the price of your website. With CMS you can easily change your site anytime you want simply by logging in and typing out the changes!

  • So I have a website, but it’s extremely expensive and hard to get it listed on the Search Engines.
  • It is difficult to get ranked high on the Search Engines and honest good SEO (search engine optimization) work does cost. But starting out you don’t even need it. A good developer will develop your site with SEO in mind making it completely W3C complaint and search engine searchable. He should also get you listed on the major search engines for no extra cost. That is enough! Certainly you can spend hundreds of dollars on extra SEO if you want to, but to start out with you mainly just need a place customers can go to see what you’ve got. A place your Craigslist Facebook, and other ads can point to.

A website is an absolute must these days for any business. To get your website today for extremely reasonable pricing check out RCE Websites.