The only way to win is to put the money to play the expectations of positive conditions. Lottery is profitable only if the prize is greater than the price of the ticket * chances to win. If your odds are 1 1 million, wait until the prize is $ 1M, before you buy a ticket. You can of course also take into account the fact that over 30% goes back to state taxes. FYI – Powerball has hit $ 340m, to be effective. Assuming you do not have to share, that is.
In short, do not listen to any system – just make money and people who sell them to you. If you are really working, not people be able to retire now? Save money and plop down $ 1, when the jackpot is high enough and the satisfaction that when you have a slight edge.



  • Since lottery picks are random, previous outcomes have no effect on future outcomes. So you are wasting you time and money. The best way to come out ahead on the lottery is to not buy tickets and invest your money in something that has a positive yield.

  • I concur with rt11guru’s assessment: the lottery is a big waste of money, and there is no computer/algorithm that can predict results.

  • No. Sorry.

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