Check to see if values in one list are in another list with the IF and OR functions in a simple array formula. See how to use the IF and OR functions in a simple array formula that shows WINNER in cell if two lotto numbers are the same.



  • thanx, u reply so fast

  • Then put the 16 names in the range A1:A16. Then highlight the range D1:E8, type this formula:


    Then use the key strokes:

    Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

    This will randomly match the 16 people in 8 games.

  • Dear kraskagm ,

    There is an easy way to do this if you download the MoreFunc add-in. Here is a video I made that shows how to download:

    Excel Magic Trick 276 MoreFunc Excel add-in 66 New functions

    More in next comment

  • how can i make with 16 people 15 random pairs if in one pair is 2 people

  • Dear kraskagm ,

    I do not understand you are trying to do.


  • do u have a video for making pairs also. Like a chess tournament is 16 different players and it is round robin.
    How can i make fast 15 rounds and in 1 round are 8 games. The players names are important.

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