As a regular player of Farmville, have you ever wondered about all those reminders and encouragements that pop up all over your game computer screen trying to urge you to become a Fan of Farmville? Well like those advertisings, I too persuade you to sign up and become a Farmville Fan. For I have found over time there are many benefits of being an official Fan of Farmville.

Taking the Plunge and Signing Up

To take benefit of this and become a Farmville Fan just go over to the official Farmville website and push on the “Become a Fan” choice. Once you accomplish this Farmville will be automatically added to your list of pages on your profile. Thus allowing posts from the Farmville website to publish on your live feed. Your initial reaction might be getting additional posts in your live feed will be inconvenient. But there are other perks you get as an sanctioned member of Farmville that will far out weigh this concern, and moreover at least their posts are advantageous.

What Type of Information to Expect

Now I am not going to lie to you, most of the posts will be about information regarding new features that you will shortly notice in the Farmville game. Some of the posts will provide you will helpful links to weekly Podcasts that give other information about the various up-to-the-minute developments in the Farmville game, along with how best to grab benefit of the developments. Farmville Fans also find out that offers from other websites offering Farmville Cash giveaways and/or free specialty items are not formally endorsed.

Fan Perks

Lately there have been several sweet advantages kept exclusively for official Farmville Fans. Many times these advantages offer Farmville Fans the chance to check out a latest crop or other new features previous to its release to the Farmville public. Some recent perks Farmville Fans loved have been the Super Pumpkins and the 24 x 24 land expansion. In addition to these items just purely being plain cool, they are also frequently way more advantageous than the regular items obtainable to the general Farmville population.

For instance, Farmville released the Super Pumpkin in celebration of getting more than fifteen million fans on their Facebook page, and it instantly proved to be a winner crop in overall earnings and experience point profile compared to most other crops in Farmville. Super Pumpkins is just one groovy instance of why it pays to be an official Farmville Fan, as they ended up being able to gain extended access to them and experienced a much better bonus compared to other people who were not fans.

More Perks

Farmville Fans are also privy to other facts and improvements, and permitted to send special gifts, these are things not accessible to any Farmville player that isn’t an official fan. An additional advantage Farmville Fans have the benefit of is the capability to have Farmville send them message notices when their crops are ready for harvesting.

So after reading this article do you feel becoming a Farmville Fan might enrich your Farmville game? So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up to become an official Farmville Fan and benefit from your various benefits!

Okay that’s about it for now as I got to go harvest my crops, speak with you shortly. Be certain to down load a copy of my free report and read my review on a brand new Farmville course called Farmville Champ, after which proceed over to for other great Farmville secrets, posts, and video tutorials like how to acquire a Farmville Hot Rod Tractor.

Billy P