This is a movie I made for a discussion I was having about Fiery Enchant’s proc rate. I said it sometimes procced 4-6 times all instantly, sometimes up to 10 times in a fight. He said that’s impossible because of procs per minute. PPM works by giving the weapon a SET proc rate (%) depending on weapon speed before any other enchants. Any increase to speed or number of swings (flurry, windfury) will increase the times it procs per minute on average. PPM is ALSO an average, and it can proc more or less in any given minute just from chance. It could proc on every single hit for an entire minute if you’re lucky enough to win the lottery. He alllllso said it can’t proc off anything but white damage, which is definitely proved false here. It obviously procs on both stormstrike and windfury procs. If you don’t play WoW, don’t watch. Unless you like rolling your eyes. Any comments of “ew you’re so lame!” are compleeeeetely understandable and welcome 😛