The first thing that you should decide when playing the Florida Lottery is which lottery to play.   There are a few choices out there for you but only a few of them offer a Jackpot big enough and odds low enough to justify buying tickets for.   The odds of winning the powerball are 1 in 195 million.   My first suggestion would be to ignore your instincts and DON’T buy the powerball lottery ticket.   While this lottery has the highest payout, it also suffers from the worste odds of winning.   You may think to yourself that you see people on the news winning the powerball all the time.   The reason for that is that it is a multi-state game and allows for many more millions of people to play the game to give off the assumption that winning is plausible.   So in short, step one would be to avoid the powerball lottery. Step two would be to choose a game that still offers a big enough payout while offering much more reasonable odds.   This part can be tricky, we need to analyze each lottery to decide whether or not it will ever be worth playing.   To do this we use the Expected Value Formula.   This formula basically tells us the value of our dollar when we buy a lottery ticket.   Most lotteries try to get the expected value at around 50 cents.   So when buying a ticket you would be spending a dollar to make 50 cents.   Not a good deal.   There are, however, some games that have a rolling jackpot and will eventually reach an expected value of over $1.   These are the games that you should focus on playing. In Florida you have more choices than many other states.   Your best choice would be to play the Florida Lotto.   The Florida Lotto needs to be at almost $19 million before you should consider buying a ticket.   The Florida Lotto also gives you the opportunity to double or triple down on your bet and they will double or triple the jackpot.   This is not a good idea.   You see, expected value is calculated from not only the jackpot amount but also the amount of the consolation prizes.   These prizes don’t increase as you increase your payment so your expected value is decreasing. The other choice that you should look into in Florida would be the Mega Money lottery.   This game should reach around $2 million before you buy a ticket.   Although the payout is lower, the odds of winning are higher so your expected value is the same. Now you are probably wondering how this all is going to help you increase your odds of winning the lottery.   The trick is actually incredibly simple.   Save your money! You should be saving your money until one of the available jackpots gets high enough to bid on.   Then you should take all of your saved money and buy a mass amount of tickets.   You will never spend more than you usually do because you have been saving for it and you will increase your odds drastically.   For example if your odds of winning were 1 in 10 million and you bought 100 tickets with the money you had saved then your odds of winning would be 1 in 100 thousand.   It’s just common sense.

Knowing when to play the lottery is the key to winning the lottery. At Online Lottery Strategy we have figured out when the best time to play all of the major lotteries are.