Rift is a game about [many things|lots of things], and unlike some recent MMOs, [a lot of|a great deal of] stock has been placed on the economy – [a relatively|a comparatively] standard interaction between players with crafting and gathering professions and an auction house. But, [how do|just how do] you put those tools to use to make the most possible Platinum – the in game currency of choice? Here are three tips to get [you started|you commenced|you began]:

1.    Choose Professions Wisely – In Rift, you [can choose|can pick out|can select] three professions from the 10 available. There are 7 different crafting professions and 3 gathering professions. Each crafting profession will need different materials from two of the three gathering professions (though usually primarily from [one|just one]). [As a result|Therefore|Consequently|Hence|So|Thence|Thus], you [should choose|should select|ought to choose|ought to decide] [either one|one or the other] or two crafting professions and then a gathering profession to support them. [However|Even so|Nevertheless|Nonetheless|All the same|Although|Yet|Still], before you reach level 30, it is [a good idea|a great idea|worthwhile] to steer [clear of|away from] the crafting professions altogether as they take too much gold and platinum to [level up|rise up].

2.    Use the Auction House for All Sales – The auction house is perfect to make sales to your fellow players, but it [requires|needs] [you to spend|you to pay out|you to pay out for] time carefully analyzing the needs and demands of your fellow players. [Always remember|Always keep in mind|Never forget], buy goods when prices are low and sell them [only when|only if] prices are high.

3.    Track [Demand|Requirement|Call for|Need|Necessity] for Top Items – With a [new|brand new] game, [not many|very few|only some|some] tools to [help you determine|help you figure out|help you make up your mind] what sells and for how much. So, to [make sure|ensure|make certain] you are [getting the|receiving the] [best deals|greatest deals] possible, start keeping track of prices in a spreadsheet or document on [your computer|your PC|your personal computer]. When they rise, [make sure|ensure|make certain] you are selling and when they dive (assuming [they are|they’re] not diving [due to|because of|owing to|as a result of|thanks to|attributable to] a nerf of some sort), but things up.

Making platinum in Rift [will inevitably|will in the end|will finally] involve [plenty of|tons of|heaps of|a lot of|loads of] [other ways|other methods|other techniques] that will [allow you to|permit you to] farm for ores, plants and skinnable mobs, but [if you want|if you would like|if you prefer] to make the most possible currency in the game, [make sure|ensure|make certain] you [are using|are employing|are utilizing|are applying] the tips above and the auction house liberally.

If you play it [just right|perfect|fantastic], you’ll [be able to|be in a position to] [develop a|produce a|create a] keen eye for what sells and how much it sells for. [If you want|If you would like|If you prefer] to [be successful|be prosperous|be victorious] as a trader in Rift: Planes of Telara, [you must first know|you need to be aware of|you need to recognize] [what people|what individuals|what men and women] want and how much [they are|they’re] [willing to|prepared to] pay [to get it|to acquire it|to have it]. [Once you’ve|As soon as you have|Once you have] done that, [you’ll be|you will be] well on your way to a nice fortune of Gold and Platinum [so you can|so you are able to] dominate your server.

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