Welcome to the world of Lotto and in this case, the PENNSLYVANIA 6/69! Get those lucky numbers rolling and make a wish. Who knows? You can be the next winner! The Pennsylvania 6/69 lotto draw is held twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday evening. Not only is this game a game of chance, you can also try doing some statistical computations to arrive at the numbers that will be your ticket to good fortune. Amidst the economic crisis being experienced by thousands of Americans and most especially people of PA, winning the lottery can be a great way to start all over again or continue the fruitful lives you are accustomed with in the past. So how would you go about this game? Well players win it by matching 3, 4, 5 or six numbers. More or less, you will have 1:48 odds in winning. Statistics say that you can win the lotto with a ratio of 1:39. 9 million. Tough isn’t it? This kind of lottery’s discussed especially for those new to this game. All prizes are pari-mutuel. Meaning, the amount of dollars that you wager and the number of winners depends on these. The minimum amount to be won is around Three Million Dollars. When you win, the jackpot is paid through either a cash prize which is around 50% of the estimated winning minus the taxes or 26 times a year. Your winning ticket/s are valid for 360 days. Now, to the exciting part. How to win the Pennsylvania 6/69 lotto draw. Here are some tips to make your dream vacation and dream life come true. And yes, it could only happen to you!Tip #1: Statistics are Tips. Jot down or try to remember the recent numbers that won in the Pennsylvania 6/69 lotto draw for trends or patterns. Tip #2: Purchase lotto software. You’re definitely not cheating here. You’re just analyzing the possibility of a series of numbers since you are just finding ways to reduce the weak number combinations. Tip #3: Do not use Random Number Generators. It’s similar to finding a needle in a haystack (yeah right you might say) but in a middle of storm. Now that’s more difficult right? Use statistics to guide you to pick the perfect number combinations to see if the numbers you have selected are indeed the best ones. With over a hundred free online lotto statistics you can find in the internet, you can increase your chances in winning the Pennsylvania 6/69 lotto draw! Tuesday and Fridays nights won’t be your usual bingo nights any longer. Soon, it could even be Tueaday nights in the Bahamas and Friday nights Cape Cod. It is free to dream, even more free to starting searching those lucky numbers! To keep your wild dreams at bay, it is indeed important that you need to find your own proven strategy and have this system in place to be able to consistently increase your profits in any given state lottery game.

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