Lottery is a game of chance. Of equal chance, that is. Anyone, young or old or rich or poor, who participates have an equal chance of winning. But you can always have an edge. Everyone is given the same chance in buying the ticket and when lots will finally be drawn, there’s no telling anymore whose number will be picked and whose life will change. In a pick 3 lottery, through free pick 3 lotto software, you can add your chances and alter the odds to your favor.

To get this kind of software, you go online and download one. As this is for free, it may not be very challenging to find it over the internet. The free use is usually for only a few days, which already serves as the trial period.

Free pick 3 lotto software has a feature that analyzes lottery numbers and patterns for the pick 3 lottery. It can also be a numbers and patterns analyzer for Pick 4 lottery, Pick 5 lottery, Pick 6 lottery, Power Ball lottery and Bonus Ball lottery. Most of these kinds of software features great graphics and sound and is made to be simple to use and to easy to navigate through its tools and functions

Utilizing lottery software is great tool if you want to increase your chances of winning a pick 3 lottery. Especially if you are a regular in the game of chance, you might want to add to your luck by using one of these software devices.

Lottery software not only analyzes numbers and patterns, and provide great graphic\sounds but is also has an interface that allows you to view past draws. From this, you can have hot or cold lottery numbers, choose a super pick based on different factors, select your favorites, see if there was ever a win in your chosen lottery number, plus it can also give you a print out of your lottery ticket.

Why use software?

If you know the basic rules of probability or if you have been playing the lottery for quite some time now, then you would know that not only do you have a very slim chance of winning but that you actually have around 150 million to one chance of hitting the jackpot. But if there is a device that could help you at least have more of that little chance of getting that millions worth of jackpot, would you not use it?

In a simple pick 3 lottery draw, your chance of having your three numbers picked is 333 to one. This means you have to play for three hundred and thirty three times to win at least once. You really have to get some help from somewhere, or get a better-paying job to get rich faster. Use lotto software now.

How effective is it?

The best test of effectiveness of the free pick 3 lotto software is through testimonies from people who use it. And they say that they actually win on a regular basis. Some said it lessened the odds of winning by 75%. One said she won five times out of five games and another said she already won several times.

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