www.kabalarianphilosophy.org use this to pick the best day to write lotto tickets ,may need to change name so it matches birth date to have the best success on everything in life ,a group of evil has copied your house key every time ,when you buy lotto ticket sign your name on it ,make sure you don’t live alone or the evil people will come and steal your winning lotto ticket ,pad lock doors ,chain doors ,bolt door ,latch door at night and at day because the evil guy steal ,poison and dirty things when your in the shower ,keep cell phone and flash light 4 feet away from you all the time because you don’t know when there is a home invasion ,they don’t care if your rich or poor ,never close the washroom door if your the only person in the house because door knobs sometimes stop turning ,always live to fight another day ,never say anything to strangers or they will break your spine and put you in a wheel chair for life and unable to speak ,store managers will erase video tape when evil violent people tell them to ,never lay on your stomach because someone will step on your lower spine and you will end up in a wheelchair for life ,always pay the person the money or they will come back with a metal pipe and brain damage you ,your brother is touching your children sexually ,don’t talk to evil co-workers as much as possible because they will injury you ,take the hit ,if you talk back they will injury you ,have 2 camcorder pointed at main door ,camcorder is safe, professional