Apple is a consistent innovator of technology. Apples has unified technology and design in gaming and music. With the release of the Ipad, Apple takes handheld gaming to a whole new level. Due to the wide screen and luring graphics playing games on Ipad becomes even more fun and even more addictive. The iPad is considered to be a very impressive device used for gaming.

Ever since Apple released handheld devices (such as the iPod Touch and the iPhone) that support gaming, game developers gave an eye to publish games for the company. If you are to check out the Apple store, you will see thousands of games available for download, whether for free or for a cheap price.

Many of the Ipad games are highly enjoyable and addictive.

if you are looking for the most addictive games give We Rule, Plants vs Zombies or Angry Birds a try. You can find all of hte games at the Apple online store and some of the games mentioned above can be downloaded for free

WeRule is extremely similar to Facebook’s Farmville. The gameplay is mainly about planting and harvesting your crops. There is no doubt that WeRule is really addicting, especially if you want to design your own kingdom and focus on adding expensive stuff to make your kingdom look more presentable and elegant.

The Angry Birds is a 105-level game that will haunt you in your dreams and frustrate you if it takes you a day to successfully finish a certain level. Each level, of course, is more difficult than the previous one and it takes a lot of strategy to surpass each.

Want to play God? Then Godfinger is the right game for you The games idea is for the player to command and turn people into followers and put them to work. You wil have to earn mana, awe, and gold. This will help you to level up and build more stuff. The game is given away for free and has already received a 4-star rating.

Plants vs. Zombies is another amazing game. It is extremely addictive and you should expect to get stuck in your seat for a whole night. What is the game about? You will have to prevent zombie-eating-brain to enter your home. The game costs $9.99. Defense strategies are widely use din this type of game. Well, $9.99 may sound a lot, but it is definitely worth it. It has got a 5 star rating for a good reason

The games above are just some out of many really addicting Ipad games. There are hundreds of other great Ipad games out there and the number is growing almost daily.