In this post we will be looking at a number of DIY PS3 Red Screen of Death Fixes to get you back to playing games in no time. Of course you have the option to send it to Sony place numerous individuals don’t want to be without their program for up to six weeks and potentially paying $150 to get it fixed!

The good news is there are a number of DIY fix’s you can do that might restore your PS3 like new and can be carried out in about an hour.

Majority of the time the reason your PS3 gets the red screen of death is since the tough drive is corrupt. For this article we will focus on updating the firmware initial and if needed reformat the hard drive. This has been verified to fix the concern in numerous circumstances.

To get started out the very first factor you require to do is download the latest version of firmware from Sony’s website. You will want a USB memory stick to retailer the firmware on so you can transfer to your PS3 when ready. On the memory stick, create a folder labeled “PS3” and inside that folder produce another folder labeled “Update”. Store the firmware you download from the Sony website into the “Update” folder.

Now that you have downloaded the firmware, connect the USB memory stick to your PS3 and hold down the energy button until you hear three beeps. At this time you ought to see the menu screen on your PS3. If not, energy off your program and repeat powering on by holding down the energy button till you hear the three beeps.

When the menu comes up you can install the firmware. When the update has been completed reboot and see if that was a excellent PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix. If not, your tough drive might be corrupt requiring it to be reformatted.

If this is the situation proceed to the methods beneath.

Prior to you reformat your tough drive you want to make certain you backup all your private files onto an external USB drive. As soon as that has been completed press and hold the energy button on the PS3 right up until you hear two beeps. This need to show a menu that will guide you to format your hard drive.

Once the difficult drive has been formatted reboot your program and comply with the instructions to restore your PlayStation. Use the default settings to complete the setup.

Now see if that PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix resolved your problem.

If you are nonetheless experiencing the exact same concern or don’t feel comfortable with these guidelines there are guides on the internet that supply outstanding step-by-step guidelines plus videos that permit you to follow each step.

Prior to you purchase a guide make positive they have the following:

Listed beneath is a trustworthy manual that meets all of the above and has helped numerous restore their PS3 quickly without having shipping to Sony.