Does God play the lottery? Nah, but He sure seems to be speaking through the numbers sometimes! You gotta see this! 7-7-7-7 costs Pa. Lottery bigtime



  • I don’t believe that Obama is the anti-christ. Why? Because, the Bible says that no one knows who the anti-Christ is going to be. A lot of people seems to think Obama is the anti-Christ. That said Obama clearly can’t be the anti-Christ. I do believe the anti-Christ is here. Jesus is coming soon. God Bless.


  • me too,im always looking up,i love you Jesus!!

  • DTPetrucci123490th

    August 6, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Speaking of numbers, I see 33 all the time. I have even been woken up multiple times at night and look over to see 33 on the clock. Its very strange, Im not sure what to make of it.

  • Come learn about how the Antichrist will use the number 777 to prove himself as God. You will find the url to that page on my you tube channel.

  • Numerology…
    happens when you start to obsses with numbers…

  • @Ibelievethis777 i believe his church is caught up in the air wit jesus b4 his wrath comes..which is the tribulation..

  • The bible says the day of the Lord “rapture” will not come until the antichrist / man of sin is revealed. Also that the saints will be killed by antichrist. I believe the trial that they will be saved from is the trial of deception and the temptation to be marked in order to survive….buy or sell.

  • Are talking Chistianity or Numerology or Are you talking Numerology in the bible ?

  • iloveusomuchjesus

    August 6, 2010 at 5:27 am

    I really appreciate your videos. I know that the Holy Spirit is alive in you b/c He is alive in me! I thank God for fellow members of His body, and the fellowship that we share.

  • Yes He is coming and every eye shall see Him, and all the earth shall mourn because of Him..and then shall he send His angels to gather His elect from the four winds and one end of Heaven to the other….Come Soon Lord Jesus!

  • Great job Andy….. : )

  • @cybor32
    havent you read luke 21:34-36? how about revelation 3:10? what should i do with those scriptures then? those old testament stories have nothing to do with the Great Tribulation. 2 thess 2:3-12 the antichrist wont be revealed until the holy spirit is taken away. the two anointed ones (2 witnesses) will be the only source. zec 4:11-14 two lampstands two olive trees that empty the oil out of themselves.

  • im a mid triber, I think Christian will be one of the two witnesses so those who know the truth must proclaim it to the world until death, then when we are all killed for our Lord and for refusing the mark we shall be caught up, then God’s wrath will come on the earth, true followers are not children of wrath but we will be left to fight satan and his followers and to defend and try to save our fellow man, we must proclaim the truth that is Jesus until death!

  • drinking isn’t a sin ? yes!


  • Jhn 17:15 My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.
    The word “from” is the greek word “ek” used in both this verse and the one you quoted in Revelations. Here we have Jesus himself asking God not to take his disciples out of the world, but to protect them “from” the evil one. Therefore in the same way, we can be protected “from” the hour of testing.

  • @yedon68
    where were jesus’ personal rights to live a full life when he was nailed to the cross?

  • If you read Revelations, the “saints” are not Christians, they are the Jews who have been sealed. We as Christains are not listed in Revelations, nor does revelations give Christians instructions to survive. We are taken out pre trib. So unless you are a Jewish person, sealed in Tribulation, dont count yourself a “Saint” in those verses. The one hundred and fourty four thousand are JEWS and OBVIOUSLY SO.

  • To Mid, Pre Wrath and Post Tribers:
    The doctrine on the pre-trib rapture is based on the concept of imminency of the Rapture-no one knows the day or the hour. If we were on the tribulation already, I will know the day and the hour. Just wait until mid trib and if it does not happen, then is post trib. In addition, Noah was preserved thru the flooding, but Enoch and Elijah were raptured before the Flood! Go to the original Greek and you will see they use the word harpazo=removed, out of there.

  • @cybor32

    Noah may have gone through the flood but Enoch was raptured. Read Luke 21:34-36 and then tell me we are here for the tribulation.

    Also, this is the time of the church and that ends when it turns into Jacobs trouble.

  • firecharger, i have a question for you, what if god never comes in your lifetime?

  • @eyeswideopenz Amen!

  • wow i never knew that!!!!!!! Thank you!

  • 7 is God’s number… four “7”s… 4 (four) is another important number. There are 4 cherubim around God’s throne, Ezekiel sees in a vision 4 wheels carrying eyes going in 4 directions, there are 4 Gospels, 4 corners of the earth where 4 angels stand at in the book of Revelation, etc…

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