Shopping for golfing gifts can be a challenge, but one that can provide a great reward when the golfer in your life receives exactly the perfect gift.

Many people immediately think about purchasing golf balls for their favorite golfer. After all, golf balls have a way of disappearing into the woods, the water hazards and even into high grass. Yet there are many more interesting choices to consider.

For example, every golfer wants to look his or her best on the course. The purchase of a handsome polo shirt or cap is always appreciated by an avid golfer. Also consider purchasing rain gear or a golf sweater for those days when the weather is less than clement.

Consider as well a golfer’s home or office. Many golfers love to display memorabilia from the golfing world, such as autographed pictures of famous golfers. These are readily available for sale on the internet, especially at

You might also think about the purchase of an instructional book or DVD. Even though golf is one of the most over-taught and under-learned subject on earth, every golfer appreciates learning new tips that will bring down his or her score. These training books and dvds are much appreciated when the instructor is well-known in the golfing world.

So enjoy your search for the perfect golfing gift.