It is the dream of many Kenyans to work and live in the United States of America and one of the ways through which you could find your way there is through the green card lottery. The lottery is on now and the US Embassy in Nairobi is set to give that status to about 3000 Kenyans. But before you embark on the application process, have you ever asked yourself whether it is worth it or not? Alex Chamwada is back from the US, where he spent time with Kenyans who re-located there, thanks to the green card and filed the following report on their experiences.




  • @honestmoment sorry here in united states we do not put on suits and ties while earning nothing.

  • I dont know what you are saying USA is a great country for those who work hard.I have been in suits and Tie in kenya for may years earning you can do anything and still do much better

  • What i notice among all Africans is that those who came here married almost always end up divorcing.

  • continued:..There are other people like Mexicans, African Americans that Kenyans marry and end up having wondeful lives… just be careful about what you put out there. Media is a POWERFUL tool…thats why we have to teach people here that Kenya is not a jungle full of trees and starving children like CNN shows

  • Looking @ this video – it explains part of the plight of the American life. When you leave your country you have to learn to adjust – unfortunately some people try to force their ways rather than incorporate them. One thing I take issue is the fact that Mr Chamwada went and interviewed a Kenyan married to a white woman (stereo-typical) – and I am not against it but for equal opportunity of other people need to be represented. Now all the Kenyans think that the WHITE WOMAN!! is the ultimate.

  • great job Chamwada. but you forgot to mention how kenyans feel as if they are doing too much ‘helping’ a spouse to come over only for tables to turn! mjinga akierevuka,mjanja yuko mashakani.
    John clearly is at a loss sress ya stato is baaaaad.

    Chamwada, you are more than welcome this end and see how different we measure up to Europe and the US

  • Kudos John! That must have given u a little relief to express yourself and the hardships one undergoes when he/she gets here (USA). Marriage here is just but a casual thing. Having babies & the thought of raising them here is another nightmare! Unless you have an honest relative who can come and help you w/ child care, u’ll be totally frustrated. This land is a great place to be once you get on your feet, but before that, the hardships one goes thru will make u think a “Green Card” is a CURSE!

  • Enyewe ni masumbuko

  • You said as it is John, well done! As for those back in Kenya/Africa, there is some powerful reality in John’s statements whether in Europe au U S of A. Pascalina……..mmmhh!! I like your blush when asked whether your BF is a jungu , you proved most wrong, unless there was some elements of lie in it lol!! hehehehehe! kudos diasporans

  • @honestmoment , from the way u r thinking u must be a woman, Its like this when a woman decide to leave the comfort of home where her husband or significant other has gainful employment,She has a plan B.YOU women are so Carniving.

  • @ShattyDiablo how could we not notice, he is one of those who loves those vitendawilis from the Kenyan PM who loves to refer to himself as mimi ni Fabregas

  • Chamwada rudi nyumbani wacha kutusumbua huku.

  • very nice depiction of the states John…information is good for us young folks!

  • @honestmoment sasa wewe ndio umeongea.

  • citizenplease can u check about kenyans in Europe please make a docu please

  • @kjayy023 so how do you expect his kids to survive? Aren’t they still still his responsibility?

  • What a looser. Why does it seem like he’s complaining about taking care of his kids, why did he have them then. He should’ve stayed single. I feel sorry for his kids who will one day watch this. A lawyer should look more presentable than that. John should learn how to speak less like Makhoha.

  • @siasabora yep, and am beginning to notice alot of separation and divorces among the luo community, so much as theaz a stigma against marrying their women. eih but john is almost crying bana, he shud just go back home, atakufa na stress hez almost at tipping point yeye

  • John’s choice of the today’s newspaper is another classic pose… ‘in case yu missed the Boston headlines, Mr. President’ LMAO

  • @madsci: brutally honest… says it as it is. The lawyer is interesting too. When asked if she married a Mzungu…her patient smile is like ‘Not Guilty U r Honour’.

  • @naidamu: I agree John is the type of a guy anyone wants to have a drink with!

  • @2:25…. second class honors(lower division)…That can be good, Can it ? I want my lawyer to be lil bit smarter than that , her attitude thru the interview was rather appauling

  • @ShattyDiablo , What is the problem with his t shirt

  • @daniells71 jamani why u have to say it like that…u gat me L.O.L.

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