When my children were little they often made me handmade cards and presents and they always included lots of circles and crosses to show how much they loved me. They were very creative, with every card being one of a kind and not impersonal like mass produced cards. The cards and special gifts always meant so much to me because they were made with love and I will treasure them always.

All my children have shown an interest in arts and crafts in various ways over the years, but as they grew and had their own kids, their time has become absorbed by other things. However, my daughter took an interest in scrapbooking and I have followed suit. It is fun to create beautiful scrapbooking pages to display keep-sakes and pictures in elegant or fun albums.

It gives me a lot of pleasure to create things like greeting cards, invitations or gifts for that special person. And knowing that everything I make, like my children before me, is one of a kind, makes me feel amazing. I remember when I was little, my brothers and I would make decorations for Christmas out of coloured paper. We always had such fun and our mother always displayed our efforts with pride.

And no matter how much times change, I have precious memories of displaying my children’s efforts and am now making new memories with my grandchildren. I had such fun with them just before Christmas when I gathered up blank cards, stickers, glitter and glue and they made cards for their parents.

They were so happy to give them to their mums and dads and I must confess that I was not the only one with a tear in the eye. As they get older I am looking forward to more hand made cards, craft fun, maybe making wooden gifts, canvas art, wall hangings, cards or gift tags. The possibilities are endless as there will always be a Christmas, birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding or just an opportunity to say “I am thinking of you” or “I love you”.

Late last year, my daughter and I started a small business making handmade birthday cards, weddings and other occasions. We hope each card brings enjoyment and love to the recipient as only handmade cards can. Visit us at Circles and Crosses.