“Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” with its 20 Proven Winning Strategies for the Pick 4 Lotteries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico backs up its claim of offering strategies to discover winning Pick 4 numbers with AMAZING SUCCESS. Even more impressive is the Back-to-Back STRAIGHT WINS in the Monthly Report listed at www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com. The August 2009 Report shows that thirteen (13) of these State & Provincial Lotteries also have created at least one set of Back-to-Back STRAIGHT WINS with three of them doing it twice — District of Columbia DC-4, Oregon Pick 4, and Quebec’s La Quotidienne 4. The complete list of States with Back-to-Back STRAIGHT WINS includes…. District of Columbia DC-4, Kentucky Pick 4, Maine Pick 4, Michigan Daily 4, Missouri Pick 4, New Hampshire Pick 4, New York Win 4, Ohio Pick 4, Oregon Pick 4, Pennsylvania’s PA Big 4, Quebec’s La Quotidienne 4, and Vermont Pick 4. This phenomenal success comes on the heels of the July 2009 Monthly Report when it took twenty-three days before every Pick4 Lottery had created at least one STRAIGHT PICK 4 WIN and only 10 Lotteries had a set of Back-to-Back STRAIGHT WINS. The July Report also highlighted an eleven in a row series of Box Wins in the NY Win 4 Lottery which would have given the NY WIN 4 player $1000 for having just five of them. This Pick 4 System, “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers”, at www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com is new to Pick 4 Players since its debut on the internet in March 2009. The goal of this book is to apply one or more of the 20 Proven Strategies to previous drawn winning Pick 4 numbers to create another (or next) winning Straight Pick 4 Number. It is filled with many easy to follow examples for each Strategy. Robert Walsh, the author, writes that some of the 20 Strategies systematically reduce the players’ choice to just two or three numbers for a possible Pick 4 Straight Win. That’s two or three numbers from 10,000 Straight Combinations that the Pick 4 Lottery Game offers, from 0000 to 9999. One $1 Straight Winning Ticket with matching numbers being in the exact order as the drawn number returns $5,000.   Robert Walsh encourages Pick 4 Players who buy his book to first learn the strategies before investing. The Strategies, once learned, become easier to identify and apply to newly drawn numbers. One doesn’t have to play every day. “Patience” is the key to allow the Number Trends to develop and lead the Pick 4 player to a given set of 4 digits he/she is to invest in. Or, if a trend is present, then one simply applies the Strategies to some of the most recently Daily Pick 4 Winning Numbers to create another Pick4 winner. Unique to this Pick 4 System is the inclusion of an Investment Strategy that builds on itself with “Free Money” from the State or Provincial Lottery with every win.   The “Ladder of Success” sensibly guides the Pick 4 player up this ladder step by step after the very first win playing not with his own money but Free Money that he/she has already won from the local Lottery. Encouraging the Pick 4 players to be responsible with their winnings, Robert Walsh outlines how to use the winning monies for re-investment purposes in the Pick 4 lottery and paying off debt, bills, and mortgages, especially during these hard economic times. Just this month using the Georgia Cash 4 Lottery the author illustrates a real-live example how the strategies and trends work. From the free Worksheet he provides in his book, he points out five previous winning Cash 4 numbers which create 0692 as “the set of 4 digits” to play. Along with 3 other STRAIGHT forms he explains how to set up an Investment Plan to cover a Straight & Box Win at the Basic $1 level for a modest $10 per drawing investment based on what the TRENDS reveal. The Investment Plan guarantees a minimum of $1200 for any BOX WIN, and an additional $5000 for any of the four Straight forms being drawn in the GA Cash 4. Five Georgia Cash 4 drawings later 0692 is drawn.   For one $50 investment, a knowledgeable Cash 4 player applying the strategies and trends found in “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” wins $6200.   After covering the $50 investment and the $47–Special Sale Price for the eBook, this Pick 4 player walks away with a FREE Pick 4 System and $6100 of FREE Money. Let SUCCESS speak for itself. These Pick 4 Strategies and Hot Pick 4 Results with Straight and Back-to-Back Box Wins in every Lottery in the US, Canada, & Puerto Rico during the first 14 days of August are gaining Pick 4 players’ attention everywhere.

Robert Walsh, author of Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers combines 20 verifiable and winning Pick 4 strategies with many easy to understand examples for the Daily Pick 4 Lottery Games across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For your FREE Preview of “Strategy #13” and FREE Newsletter visit www. playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers. com