How can I win the lottery?
i need to win the lottery.
if you have no answer, then how do i get rich faster?



  • with a little bit of luck

  • maybe you should contact those psychics, they seem to know how to do it.

  • Try playing the stock markets, although you will need to borrow money from the bank (dangerous sort of, but you want this badly I can tell), but with the lottery thing, only a LOT of luck.

    Do you need to pay your debt back to the mafia?

    What kind of answer were you expecting in the Friends section?

  • The lottery and slot machines are completely random. You could spend thousands and wind up just breaking even eventually, since the odds are better when you play more. However I would recommend investing in something you can sell for more, or taking on a second job. There is no way to get rich quick. You have to earn it, and that takes time.

  • There’s not a magical receit to win the lottery 🙂 try this system
    And about the getting rich faster…hard as well! But try this

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