I receive 8-10 emails a day from stating I’ve won the Nigerian/UK lottery. Reporting these as phishing scams does not seem to have any effect. Is it possible to enroll them to be bombarded with spam themselves?



  • be aware that the from address is spoofed and that all that happens if you put the sending address into some mail group is to annoy another innocent person, maybe even yourself.
    You will need to find the address that they want you to send your details to either in the body of the message or in the replyto header. Even so, it could be a devious spammer effectively enrolling a spam fighter in an attempt to create a denial of service attack.

    That said, I like the idea of something like a yahoo group where you can forward these messages.

  • That would be cool but they change their address after each batch they send, there is no way to reach them. That’s why they never get caught.

  • If you click on the below link, you will find that this site gives some helpful tips on how to scam the scammers.


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