Many of the lotto my Blog posts and the fact that I write, I explain the virtues of reducing the playlist, you can improve your chances to win the jackpot lottery. Although this strategy lottery applies equally to all lotteries, an example I used was the Lotto Texas 6 / 54 draw.
In this example, I simply removed the number one lottery game shows a great effect is your chance to win. As a result, lottery players will play a new lottery called Lotto Texas 6 / 53 This simple strategy is to remove a huge impact on almost 3,000,000 bet on the game and correspondent for a player to improve yields.
Sometimes, the lottery player removes one digit number to win. Clearly in this case, the player will have the opportunity to win the lottery jackpot in the draft. But this does not happen very often. The player has 48 non-winning to choose from. Therefore, it can easily make a good choice for more than 90% of the time. Consistent with, as it is rather confusing, because not everyone using this strategy for the draw. But it is a warning. Using this strategy does not mean that you will have the chance to win the lottery on Saturday, it just means you have increased the potential to jump for joy.
The strategy of the lottery
This brings us to this point in this. Using this strategy, the lottery, a player can do better than 90% The answer is yes.
How is this possible? First, you must understand that it reinforces the assumption is that the selection of lottery numbers removed from the game was the random selection. But it should be. Why not make a rational choice?
Lottery Patterns Number
Lottery with the lottery's history, different models allow you to extend a streak of good options. What is a lottery number pattern; Lottery model number is all the information that can improve your chances of winning the lottery to study the history of the lottery with the number of performances.
For example, Lotto Texas, 6 / 54 Lotto, number 45 was ill for more than the history of lottery. In fact, this is the worst. He has averaged less than 1 hit every 15 projects and extended dry periods of 36, 43, 29 and 31 projects were not a hit. In other words, a bad performance is not a coincidence. It's too bad for a long time.
So, if this trend continues, on average, could improve your chances to be right 90% to 93% 3. But if you have an extended vacation, you can do with this horse, or more than 29 projects can improve the offer is right 96 7% or better. So the number 45 would be a good candidate to remove your playlist. This is just one example, taste, taste of this serious game lottery is all about.
Other good choices for the Lotto Texas 6 / 54 are numbers 54 and 1 Number 54 is a dry period of 49 and 36 plans. Number 1 is the dry season of 38, 47 and 29 plans.
Increase your chances
So you can always improve your chances of winning the lottery jackpot? Absolutely! In fact, a serious lottery player is even more aggressive. Why? Because he realizes that the chances of winning the lottery jackpot to improve the elimination of most numbers. He understands that a more aggressive strategy to increase the draft, which proposes to remove many of the award-winning playlist. Overall, however, be a good lottery software in the hands of an experienced player, it should be possible to achieve a success rate of 75% or better.

Professor Dolph is a world renowned expert Lottery, lecturer and writer, who has developed a breakthrough in the lottery software called Lona. A new and refreshing look for the lottery is to win the lottery.