I’ve always wondered how would one accept their lotto winning without the world knowing their name?



  • well theres 30 lottos every week nationwide, i dont think the world needs to know 7 different names each day.

  • you cant..mega millions requires you to have your name printed in the newspaper or they wont let you cash your ticket

  • Some states (such as New Jersey), don’t give you the option for privacy. They will publish your name. New York allows you to claim your money anonymously.

  • The biggest thing I ever won was close to 5 thousand, getting 5 right in Lotto. I had to sign some thing saying these could use my photo (driver’s license) for publicity purposes. Last year I won a little over 900 in one of the jackpot things and didn’t have to sign anything. I do not know about your state but in FL they do have the right to publish your name. Someone told me that you can pay them not to do so, but I haven’t checked with them about it. If I won
    even a small jackpot, say $200,000.00, I would not want people to know about it. I sure wouldn’t let them take a photo of me smiling and holding up a gigantic check. The best thing to do would be to call your local lottery office and ask them what happens.

  • You talk to a good lawyer before you take your ticket in. It varies by state. Some have more privacy protection than others.

    When I win Powerball, I am going to dress up as a gangster for my publicity shot. Since I never dress like that, I’ll never be recognized. I’ll then be moving into a really rich neighborhood where I won’t stand out.

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