In the United States or in California alone, how many people become millionaires anually as a result of winning the lottery? Obviously, I can extrapolate based on the number of drawings, but I’d love it if there was a citable reference for an exact number.
Just to be clear here: I’m asking for the sake of numeric comparisons with other extremely rare events, not because I plan on winning anytime soon or want to get evauate the lottery’s potential as a long term investment. Also, I’m looking for an exact number or an approximation based on verifiable data.



  • 1 in a million

  • One thing about the lottery that most people don’t know is that,You don’t get all of the money at one time, its like checks for like monthly and sometimes yearly,for an example you could get getting 30,000$ monthly, but they also take out for tax making it not so much.

  • Your chances of winning ANY lottery are less than your chance of getting struck by lightening TWICE! Honestly, isn’t there something you lottery-lovers would rather waste your money on? HEY! You could tape all your bills together in a tree and tell people you have a money tree! But, if you are a ‘gambler’ you won’t see any of the humor here… I personally can’t see the joy in gambling with the odds that bad. Actually, although I’ve never tried it, heroin looks MUCH more exciting! LOL

  • 1 in a couple of million

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