I have a new york lotto scratcher ticket for happy holidays I matched 5 $2 squares. Do I win $2 or $8 or is it times my winning number which is 11?



  • What do the rules say? Does it say match 5 numbers to win that prize? Does it say match 5 numbers then win that prize multiplied by your number?

    Sorry, but the rules are in front of you, not me.

  • I don’t know how New York Lotto games work but here it would be the sum of all prizes with numbers that matched so you would’ve won $10. The individual squares are presented as separate games but they actually are not. Chances are if you look on the back, there may not even be a prize level as low as $2 but there will be a prize level of $10 which is the sum of your so called wins. They have a prize structure and if a ticket is to be a $20 winner, it may be printed as one win of $20, two wins of $10, four wins of $5 or any other combination. My largest win was $1,000 and it was printed as 20 squares of $50 non of which matched the winning numbers but one had the “chip” symbol which is that you win all prizes on the ticket. That in itself is deceiving cause one is misled to believe that since losing tickets all have at least one top prize symbol that getting a “chip” would result in at least one top prize but since it’s not possible to do so, the “chip” symbol is actually fraudulent but then who ever said holding a lottery was fair.

  • Right. Do yourself a favor and NEVER play scratch tickets again! They are already a HORRIBLE bet to make! (There is no other worse bet that I can think of, in fact.) The fact that you don’t know how to play makes it even worse.

    Bring it back to where you bought it. Tell them you are cashing it in. They PROBABLY won’t rip you off! :

  • nas88car 300 #48 = 4

    September 27, 2010 at 8:07 am

    sounds like you have a $10 winner

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