• Itty bitty.

  • Taxes aren’t voluntary and no matter how small a state starts, it will keep growing larger and larger!

  • 10% of what it is now but if they did a good job we would gladly pay

  • New York can’t even do that. You would have to divide into 100 or more states.

    …….Not that I mind. I would actually be quite pleased to leave NYC on it’s own. They can pay their own electric bills. I hate NYC.

    You can kiss 80% of the defense budget goodbye, for starters.
    Foreign policy would have to be thrown out of the window for sure. Not that I mind.

    Of course none of that will happen until the 14th amendment is completely destroyed.

  • Lotto is awesome. Other people pay my taxes for me. Maybe we could have a giant national Lotto with a 1 billion dollar giveaway.

  • It wouldn’t be much of a government at that point. We’d be speaking Chinese in days.

  • taxes ARE voluntary………just the alternative (prison) to paying sucks 🙂

  • Somalia seems to be doing well.

  • Return of Bite My Shiny Metal...

    April 10, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    A national lotto offering a billion dollars twice a week would produce over 2 trillion dollars annually. First, the odds would be made so high that the government would rack in 3 or 4 times that much before ever paying out. As is, the lotto is keeping over half of what it takes in. Simply raise that to 75% on a national level and the suckers will willingly fork over them money for an opportunity that provide them the same chance of winning as they have of being struck by lightening 4 times in their life and surviving.

  • Rhode Island is far too large for it to work, does that tell you anything???

  • It would have to be a government that didn’t even put signs on the dirt roads that it could not afford to repair forcing everyone to use mule carts for transportation.

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