It must be a special program designed to select combination of 6 or 7 numbers/ depending on a lottery/ which were not scratched by players. I think that a lucky winner of a jackpot is a result of computer error or by some tempering by lottery tickets vendors who won several times high prizes.



  • The lottery is NOT drawn by computers. It’s manually drawn on live television.

    Furthermore, computers are completely incapable of truly drawing random numbers. There are algorithms and tricks that make the computer *appear* to make random numbers, but they are not really random.

  • depends on the lottery;
    some use a manual mixing of numbered balls like in a bingo hall
    others use a random ticket shuffler where all the tickets are dumped into a huge barrel and mixed for a certain length of time and the first one to be spit out by the machine is first prize…

    but to make random number draws with a computer can be done in something as simple as an excel sheet

    in excel do this:
    in the first 6 cells (A1 – A6) write this formula
    and in the cells beside each (B1 – B6) write
    then format the cells (B1 – B6) with no decimal places
    save the sheet and each time you open it those numbers will be different and will be between 1-49
    you can put any number as the base
    ie if you want a number between 1-100
    then you use



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