If you’re just starting to play Starcraft 2, then you’re probably wondering how to be good at Starcraft 2. The good news is that while the game may be complex, and it will probably take you some time to get everything figured out, the secret of how to be good at Starcraft 2 is actually quite simple.

It’s a Question of Balance

The big secret to being good at Starcraft 2 is in learning to balance your economic requirements with your military. You need to figure out when to boost your resource gathering capabilities, and when to increase your military for the best attack and defence possibilities.

You can learn the strategy behind that balance, but like everything that goes along with figuring out how to be good at Starcraft 2, it will take time before you get it just right.

Learn Your Hotkeys

Another great way to figure out how to be good at Starcraft 2 fast is to know and use your hotkeys. These are keyboard shortcuts that let you do things in the game quicker. Since every game has an element of speed, that can be the difference between winning and losing. A good Starcraft 2 guide will reveal these shortcuts.

Use Scouts

Trying to attack your enemies (or defending yourself from attack) is a lot easier if you know where they are, and what they are doing! Make sure that you use your scouts to find out where your opponents are during the game.

These are a few basic tips that every new player who is wondering how to be good at Starcraft 2 should definitely be thinking about. Sometimes, it’s all about the simple things, and while there are certainly tips, Starcraft 2 secrets and tricks that you can use to make you a better player, they will only have an impact if you’re a good player, who knows and uses the basics already.