In the real world, money can make you powerful. This is also true in the World of Warcraft game. Known to be as one of the most popular MMORPG existing today, World of Warcraft brings people together in a fantasy world to socialize and play. Like in the real world, World of Warcraft is a place where gold can make you very powerful or at least your character.

With gold, you can do all sorts of things in the game. You can buy the best weapons and armors for your character, give them the best and thorough training for gaining skills, and also learn about the best jobs. Gold can also make you a very powerful player that you can really influence other players to do your bidding in the game.

If your character has a huge amount of gold, then you will be one of the best players in your realm.

As a World of Warcraft player, you know how difficult it is to earn gold. In fact, you can spend countless hours playing the game only to end up getting a small amount of gold. Now, how would you like to earn around 300 gold every hour? This may seem hard to believe at first but it is possible. In fact, you can even make more than that as you reach higher levels.

So, here are the basics on how to make plenty of gold in just over an hour.

For starters, questing is considered to be one of the best methods. By completing quests, you can get your character to earn gold. In fact, if you successfully finish a quest, you can even get weapons, armor, and other essential items that you can use in the game. When questing, you should try to put in some time grinding as well. This will allow you to get extra XP as well as extra gold, which will help you gain levels faster.

It is recommended that you complete your green and yellow quests first as they are much easier than red quests. In fact, two green and yellow quests are considered to be more worthwhile than one red quest.

The bag your character has should also be considered. If it is possible, try to get a larger bag early on in the game. With a larger bag, you will never miss out on the opportunity on picking up rare item drops. Larger bags offer more space for your items. Larger bags are especially important for people who prefer grinding. With this, your character will be able to carry more items, which means more gold in store for you.

Grinding is another great strategy to level up and earn gold. If you prefer to go grinding, it is highly recommended that you concentrate on killing humanoid mobs as these mobs drop more weapons and even gold, which is very useful for your character. They are more profitable in more ways than you can imagine.

These are some of the ways on how you can make lots of gold in just over an hour. With these tips, you can be sure that you will become one of the richest players in the World of Warcraft, which will make your character very powerful.

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