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  • There is this powerful software called LUCK software created by the time… It will surely help everyone of US… Just kidding aside…
    Of course there is no such thing it’s only chances.

  • pfft are you retarded?

  • i have discovered a foolproof way to pick the right numbers anytime, for any lottery game. the solution: buy all the numbers. of course it isn’t possible, and since it is all up to chance, your guess is as good as anyone elses.

  • …. I’ll just pretend that i didnt read and answer this question…

  • Your chances simply don’t get better.
    Here is what I did. I was thinking that to get into the gambling game and OPPOSE the house was a loser position. So I studied the public casinos in the stock market. The whole idea is to be on the WINNING side of the table.
    Buy stock in MGM Mirage, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. and Las Vegas Sands Corp. They MAKE MONEY. But avoid that Donald Trump DUDE. He is the only casino that ever declared bankruptcy. He’s FIRED!

  • Please use common sense if there was software no one would share it with you. If everyone knew about it everyone would use it and everyone would be winning.

  • ur best chances are to just buy all the tickets then youll have to win !!!!! what a lummox!

  • Why is it not likely that a computer program can predict winning numbers:
    1. There are multiple sets of balls, one of which is randomly chosen for each lotto.
    2. Though the history of all games is available, with the randomness of change outs of ball sets, (usually 6 to 12 Sets,!!!) you need to pull the top 200 numbers in six to 12 number sets, and pay to play them all! That is 1200 to 2400 tickets!
    3. This WAS accomplished, in 2002 or 2003, with a cartel of over 1,000 people, who bought en masse, at Lotto Dealers across the state, $6 million worth of tickets in one lotto, in South Carolina (?). They won 38% of ALL the prizes with a purchase of selected numbers, on 6 million tickets!!!
    You need to study the laws of probability, the math, and get one or more of the predicative programs to run on your computer…

  • don’t think there is software for that…
    your only option is to by a lot of tickets

  • I have an old program that can make a list of all possible numbers to be extracted. The program deletes all the impossible results like 1 2 3 4 5 6, i can give it to you but i recommend to save your lottery money for 2 years and then spend it at once.
    If you want the prg i will give it to you for free, but you must tell me for which lottery game you want it cuz i need to rewrite it.
    PS if you want fast $$ play black jack online and use a bot. play 24/7 and you will win.

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