When you first read the winning numbers are probably not going to jump and shout. If someone else has a room is likely to be hug and jump together. The level of excitement is something that is hard to match. You may want to pick up the phone and call everyone you know and start dreaming about how to spend the money. When I hear the numbers Read the TV will probably have to check three or four times before you can believe your eyes! It's the same! Now you can go over there in your living room. The heat of excitement that you can call everyone you know, just then, but we should stop and think how people would react. If you also have a lottery is disappointed in the state, which has just lost. Can be jealous of you and angry that no one wins. You are over the moon, and the state probably can not control the excitement or reaction. They may even feel like you're flaunting your success, because their enthusiasm. Most of your friends are happy for you. Can in all the excitement starts to think about how can get out of it. If your friend has money concerns may apply in advance for the help. They could be brave and just to help you plan your trip absurd that will help you to enjoy. Sometimes greed is the unintended reaction to news like this one. To avoid unpleasant reactions, giving yourself some time to gather ideas and develop a plan. Confirm the profits and get all the details on how you get paid before contacting anyone. This gives you the opportunity to clear his head and form a plan before you call your friends. You can minimize your profits and plans to tell your money before you have the opportunity to get jealous or greedy. If you contact your friends, not the knowledge and confidence to a new prosperity are less likely to benefit you. You must be prepared to lose friends, however. Jealousy is an ugly thing that many can not win. You can not make friends jealous of cash, so stay around, because there is never enough. When you win the lottery to give your friends the secrets of lottery. They want to know how to win also. If you do not know any advice you can go to websites like www. lotterymethod. com to learn how to win the lottery. It is a game of chance and anyone can win.

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