Can someone tell me how to select the most likely to beat the numbers? Is a lottery software is available for Internet use? Does anyone try?



  • it’s simple just pick the winning number’s

  • 9 12 29 11 23 4 are the most common numbers called out.
    Number nine has been called out alot recently and 41 is the leaste called out number. Tho 38 is the most called out number of all time,but recently it hasnt been getting called out alot.
    To check these go to the lotto website click on to “results” then “frequancy checker”.
    but theres around the same amount of chance of each ball being called out.
    chances are 14,000,000 – 1 chance of winning so you have more chance of being struc by lightling which are 3,000,000 – 1. and no there is no software that predicts the numbers. its just pure luck.

  • The only way to win a lottery is to buy every combination of tickets. But you’ll find you won’t have enough time to do this, it’ll cost more than you will win and most likely the operator will spot what you are up to and stop selling you tickets.
    If you are after getting the best numbers to ensure that you win the most if you did win, just pick 6 random numbers. Most people pick the lower ones as they use birthdays (1-31) so try and avoid a selection with all numbers in this range.

  • well choose your six lucky numbers. If you are confused try one of these programs. It might help. I use it. I haven’t won a jackpot yet but have won lottery many times. It works for uk as well.

  • Try these numbers for the next lottery: 42, 46, 19, 6, 57
    If these numbers don’t work, the lottery is clearly broken. Throw a hissyfit, toss your lottery tickets in the garbage, and buy many, many more.

  • In truth 1,2,3,4,5,6 are as likely as any other combination.
    You might as well get a lucky dip – or you’ll be tied to buying your regular numbers and thinking they’ll come up the first week you don’t put them on

  • any series of numbers are equally likely to win the lottery
    any software saying otherwise is a HOAX
    just buy a ticket and cross your fingers (the likelyhood of you winning though is minute- sorry to burst your bubble there)

  • My friend u need to do some charity to improve ur luck as lottry is a game of luck it is my experience

  • cross ur fingers and make a wish,

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