Hello Dear
How r u?
Hoping all fine

This is Amol here

I wanna know some technique here

I play lottery
There are many lotteries which go on and on daily
There are 10 numners from 0 to 9
and after 15 minutes result come for lottery

I can play 1 or more digits (taking tickets) and bet on them as per different powers also (Means taking more lottery tickets of a perticular number and if that powered number comes, i get more profit but if that number doesnt come.. of course it can claim a loss)

If u see the whole board of lotteries, almost all numbers come and go in a day except in optional cases.

Theres something called as bracket
In which u get more money on betted number
but i need to match 2 numbers in that case

So here i wanna ask that is there some technique by following which i can earn something like 10$ a day or more either today or within 3 days playing regularly?????

May GOD bring ur all dreams in reality this year

Urs Amol