Have you been hopelessly betting on German Lotto 6/49 but still have not gotten any results? Maybe it is because you continue on betting either randomly or you use numbers that have significance on your life. Most people continue to do this because they believe that the German Lotto 6/49 and other lotteries is a game of luck and that they could only strengthen their luck by relying on numbers that they saw in their dreams or numbers related to their birthdays, ages and other important dates. This, however, is not a really good idea.

To really win the lottery, you need to follow a systematic way of picking lottery numbers. Choosing numbers randomly or based on some superstition will never lead you to anything. You will just end up losing more and more money as you continue to make useless bets. The only way to get consistent profits from lottery is to bet on the most possible combinations to appear in the draws and ignore number selections that are the least possible to be evident in the lottery draws.

The most likely to appear in the lottery draws are selections with mixed odd and even numbers and high and low numbers. An all odd, an all even or an all low and all high number selection would just be a bad choice for a lotto bet because that would just mean a 3% percentage probability of winning. As mentioned above, to really win in German 6/49 Lotto and other forms of lotteries, you need to focus on number combinations that are most likely to be the result in the next draws. To do that, you would have to spread your number choices as much as possible by getting a mix of odd and even numbers and high and low numbers. After that, you could try adding up all the numbers you have chosen and see if the sum falls within the given appropriate range for the form of lottery you have chosen.

In German 6/49 Lotto, the ideal range is 115 to 185. The sum of all your picked numbers should be included in this range all the time. If you fail to follow this tip, your probability of winning will be reduced significantly. The allowed range for the sum of all chosen lottery numbers depends on the total numbers that you are allowed to choose from and the numbers you are permitted to choose. You will learn more about these ranges by getting a lottery system of your own.

Lottery systems would be able to provide sufficient information on how to choose your number systematically for consistent winnings. These systems may not make you win the jackpot but they sure can make you get at least three of the winning numbers; therefore, you would still be able to rake in some big money. Just continue with the bets and soon you would be able to treat the German 6/49 Lotto and other lotteries as a profitable business rather than merely a game of chance.

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