Dear Winner,

Your Reference NUMBER BMW:2541236004/25.and drew to the lucky number: 29
Congratulations, you have just won a brand new BMW 5 Series, M Sport
Saloon car and a cash prize of £500,000.00 in the satellite
software email lottery. On line Sweepstakes International program held
on 22nd of Sept, 2008. Conducted by BMW LOTTERY BOARD in which
your e-mail addresses was pick randomly by software powered by the



  • Of course it is as scam. No sweepstakes are conducted that do not involve someone providing cash to pay for the prizes.

    If you have your service provider’s abuse address, report them to help stop the spread of this crap.

  • Yeah, and if you send me $50 bucks right away I’ll send you a check worth $500. Also the Tooth Fairy will leave $1000 under your pillow and you won’t even have to pull a tooth. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!!!!

  • abso;utely. do not give them any personal data.

  • well not to say it is or it aint but hey gimme all your money and I will elt you know if you win tomorrow
    OF COURSE ITS A SCAM SIMPLY REPORT IT TO THE FOLLOWING: and remember to click on the full headers tab bef you forwared it, its a varaint of the nigerian scam. To date my Yahoo email has told me my distant relative has died 5,672 times and left me 40 to 100 m p each time ahh with all that the 7,600+ times I won teh micorosoft and uk lotto which would totall only 5 or6 billion p? shessh thats change isnt it! tehy are all fakes and offshutes of what is commonly known as the nigerian scam… DOnt fall for it ever!

  • Definitely a scam, you don’t just win a prize when you didn’t even go in for a competition in the first place

  • do not and i mean do not under any circumstances part with any money or any bank details what ever you do, the nigerians were pulling this scam back a while so be very care full ,they are a nasty bunch of shits,i like you would like to believe it but i fear the worst

  • No Way – NOT A SCAM

    I won an M3, M5 and a M6 in the last year, as well as 3 Ferrari 430’s and over £100,000,000.

    These on-line Lottery prizes are all real, it’s just that a few of us are chosen but most people aren’t.

    Why haven’t you claimed your prize, it’s there for the taking.

    In case you need clarity – I are being SARCASTIC.

    Yes, IT IS A SCAM……

    I hope this helps,


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