I am 82 and i fear i will not live much longer, How should i go about giving all my money to my dog Kala so that it doesnt end up in the wrong hands ?



  • i agree. you have my support.
    there was a Roman Emperor which appointed his horse as his advisor (actually, it was a direct affront to the intelligence of the roman senate).
    so what u are saying is that a dog would use ur money better than a stranger, who probably never cared about u, and would not even remember u.
    You are a genious!!^-^

  • I think you watch too many movies. Leave the money to a charity if you don’t have anyone else worthy to accept it.

  • go ahead a let me look after your dog guarantee no problem with 6 star service

  • Please give that money to some form of charity. Why leave to an animal that has no idea you won the lottery!

  • Your full of s–t……

  • What in the world are you up to? okay I will play along …
    For obvious reasons you are in a heap of trouble leaving your money to your dog. Set up a trust or fund controlled by a board of directors to direct the funds to the places you would like them to go to. Giving your money to your dog is going to open up a big crack in your will and leave anyone who might claim a relationship to you able to contest and probably win the case. And then your money will be in the hands of a stranger who is your 98th cousin removed twice.
    If I were you I would just put everything I could into pod type savings programs and put your dog as beneficiary. Then appoint a guardian to your dog. The guardian would have power of attorney to use the money as your dog needed it. But if something happens to the dog then the money that remained would go to the spca or to provide scholarships for veternarians or something worthwhile like that .
    now if i helped you i am glad. i have no education in legal matters like this and all i have told you is a matter of my experience with my own family and friends and of course the television. I am not going to look up websites for you to go to. you already have to have had a lawyer to do the legal things that comes with winning anything. (did you pay your incometaxes on the money/) so ask him.

  • kentuckyredhead5353

    March 19, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    put it in writing and remember who ever gets the dog gets the money and have a back up plan:-)

  • well iam looking to play off my house and truck and have a some money in my pockets and if u want u can leave me some money..ill put it to use. or if you dont want to do that and u have kids leave them the money. ill be your daughter…

  • The Lord of Darkness

    March 19, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Congratulations! I say bugger people and leave your doe to the one who loves you!

  • Have a lawyer draft up a will, silly. Obviously, money doesn’t buy smarts, either.

  • You could live years longer, live it up now. How about leaving 21 million to Kala Kuta and 2M to my husband and I, who would be thrilled to have a dog and a home.

    No harm in asking. Be well.

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