The check was for $1,965.50. The letter stated that the money was to pay for my tax and clearance fee. It also stated that they would send me the rest of my winnings which is a total of $63,034.50. It sounds all good, but it also sounds phony. I don’t know what to do. Please help me, so that I don’t get into any kind of trouble.



  • Did you buy a lotto ticket? I would go to your bank and ask them if they can verify if it is legit.

  • Did you by a lottery ticket in that particular lottery? If not, it is probably bogus. Are they asking for some kind of “processing or handling” fee, or any personal financial info? If yes, it is definitely bogus.

  • i had got it approx 20 times it all is fake. believe me when i got to know that it is fake i was totally disappointed.

    remember it is not real if you register at his site then he will keep sending you mails junks mails.

  • Let me guess. You are supposed to cash the check and then send the fees by Western Union, right? And they need your bank details to deposit the winnings once the fees are paid, right? But you don’t actually recall buying a lottery ticket, right?

    It’s a SCAM! The check will bounce long after you’ve wired the money off via Western Union. There is NO WAY to recover funds sent by Western Union once they’ve been picked up. Your bank will expect you to cover the check from your personal funds. In the meantime, if you gave them (the scammers) your bank details they’ll drain any remaining funds.

    No legit lottery EVER requires advance payment of fees and taxes!

    If you sent them your bank details, go to your bank IMMEDIATELY and tell them what has happened. Stop reading this and DO IT NOW!! If you don’t, your account may be drained by the time you get there!!

    Throw the check in the trash, or better yet, turn it over to the police. It’s a counterfeit and it will bounce.

  • No! It’s a scam to get to your bank account.

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