i want to win the lottery so bad here in georgia we have, cash 3 cash 4, fantasy five, win for life, and mega millions. i am not a frequent winner.



  • Well my friend the lottery is a game of chance, I want to win as well, fuck who wouldn’t want to win $40 million for doing nothing other than spending a buck. I play constantly and have come close to winning (4 out of 6 twice, 5 out of 6 once) but hey just keep playing weekly w/o any expectations and who knows you might be surprised.

  • Go to “us-lotteries.com/georgia/”, check out the analysis and see if it can help you choose your numbers.

  • I want to win the Michigan lottery as bad as you want to win in Georgia. And so do millions of other people.

    All you can do is do what everyone else does, and that’s keep playing and hope you get lucky. But don’t get your hopes up.

    Don’t pay attention to any advice about analyzing past lottery numbers. It’s absolute stupidity. Numbers that have come up in the past cannot possibly affect what numbers are going to come up in the future.

    You’re better off choosing numbers above 31. Your odds of winning won’t improve, but if you do win, you probably won’t have to share it with as many people. Many players choose numbers based on their birthdays – 1 through 31.

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