Guys. A person who is an ongoing student holding F1 visa appears a DV Lottery winner. Does he/she have to go to the home country to apply for the US permanent residency visa or it is possible to apply without going home? What one has to do for that? Thank you all!!!!



  • You don’t have to apply from your home country, although it may be easier, especially if you’re required to get police report and so on from your home country.

  • Good Luck,
    You can change your status by contacting the USICS office.
    They will guide you with the process.
    Be careful with your case number, and always check in the web to find out when it will become current.
    Also high digit case numbers, sometime don’t have the chance to get the visas.
    Anyway you must get it before 30th September, other wise the winning will go useless.

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