So I got this message today:
DIRECTOR, promotions,
British National Lottery,
HOUSE Mortimer, Mortimer Street,
LONDON, United Kingdom W1T3JG
Congratulations, you've just earned yourself a 750.000. 00 pounds, and satellite
e-mail lottery software for the implementation of the British National Lottery PROMOTION
where e-mail selected randomly Software powered
the Internet. Your email address has been selected among the
quarter, and you can contact the agency maintains its direction on how to effectively
certificate of delivery is very 750.000. 00. Euro. Dell Inspiron 6400 lap-top,
British Lottery Branded T-shirt and the British Lottery Branded Baseball
cap. When you take them should include the serial number
(delete, you have my lottery numbers!) the number of secret orders.
1. Full name: Address 2: 3 Age: 4 Sex: 5 MaritalStatus: 6
Occupation: 7 Phone: 8 Number Fax: 9 Country
EMAIL: agentsamgalagher6 @ Googlemail. com
*** Yours Truly ,*****
Mr Kelvin Watson.
Co-ordinator (Online Promo Pro gram
I did actually win the lottery or is it just a scam?



  • UH. It’s a scam.

  • It’s a scam anything that says Lottery through an E-Mail is not legit.

  • First thing First: THIS IS A SCAM
    They would ask you for verification of Identity and Address. By that means they would also ask you your credit card information &/or tell you to send a nominal amount so that they complete some paper works.
    Google the information and you will come to know about the fraud.
    Some of the links are……
    My advise would be to block this email and report it as a spam to your email service company if they provide you with this option.

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