as a die hard Oiler fan, all im looking forward to is the draft, hall is the better player i think but seuin will be a better fit because he’ll feed the puck to Hemsky, Gagner, Paajarvi, and Eberle. Paajarvi has so much potential and i think he will be in the ahl next season, also lander. its a tough call but i think the pick is going to be Seguin over hall? what do you think? seguin, paajarvi, eberle?



  • I think you have to follow the old adage of “Pick the best player available” In my mind Taylor Hall is a much better player than Seguin. I’ve seen them both play and Hall is more offensively gifted and his speed is NHL ready. Not to mention the physical aspect of Hall’s game is better than Seguin’s but Seguin may be more of a playmaker with better hockey IQ.

  • Not sure who they will pick, but they should pick Tyler Seguin. They’ve got decent wingers, but they don’t have the playmaking center they need. That is where Seguin would fit right in. They might not want to pass up on Hall, but Seguin is by far the better pick for their team. With a healthy Savard, the Bruins (who should have the #2 pick from Toronto) would also fare better with Hall.

  • taylor hall, also i hear the youngest staal is the best staal

  • i was thinking more like omark hall eberle.

    did you consider cam fowler? how about a franchise d-man. that would be sweet.

    hall or seguin, they are both great players. its to hard to choose.

    i want both!

  • Hall and Seguin are both phenominal players but even in the future you mite think Seguin will be better but there going Hall its just fate cause I personnally think Hall will be better and I bet Edmonton is thinking that too

  • Edmonton’s larger need right now is defence. If they win the lottery look at them flipping with the second or third to pick up a prospect and Fowler. With their young forwards getting better and their old defence-men getting older the defence is where they should focus.

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