Which is better, picking the annuity (26 annual payments) or the lump sum? If you pick the annuity, can you assign beneficiaries (husband, wife, children, etc) such that they can inherit the remaining lotto winnings payments that haven’t been issued yet should you die before the 26 years is over? I’m more curious about California lotto rules (Super Lotto or Mega). Thanks!



  • I dont think the annuities are transferable – you die it goes away. That’s typically how it works but you can go to the CA Lottery website for specific explanations.

    As far as which is better I think it depends on how you treat the lump sum if you get it. If you can be fiscally responsible and disciplined with your spending I think that’s the right way to go.

    ***Wow – good stuff BDHobbs – I would have thought that when you died that was it, but it’s right there in the link you sent…. black and white!!! You get a thumbs-up from me for that!! lol

  • You probably have to will it to them. Annuity payments should be guaranteed money. Its not a “win for life” agreement. You won “X” amount of dollars and it is just for the state’s convienence for them to pay you out in installments. They money is yours, even if you are dead so the next person in line to accept your estate is the one who should get the money.

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