If I win the lottery, I would like to tell everyone just sold his own software company or something of.



  • Depends on what Lottery you are talking about. For Powerball, all but three states (DE, KS, ND) have laws that require the lottery to release the name and city of residence to anyone who asks.
    For MegaMillions, some states require their lotteries to publicly identify winners, while others do not. You would have to check with your state lotto.

  • Yeah it would, just dont tell anyone!!!
    your states lottery cannot know the person who baught the ticket because they dont have your information for one, and two the numbers are random, completley random, and they dont know where or when the winning ticket is sold. So the only way people would know is if you turned it into the place you got it form or tell peole.

  • I agree with da_hal.
    Assuming you meant if you won BIG…like over a million dollars. In those cases, part of the deal is to take your picture and use it for promotional purposes.
    I don’t know this for sure. You might be able to hire a lawyer and fight it.

  • i think part of the release is that the lottery company can use your name and image for promotional purposes.

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