As a regular participant of Farmville, have you ever wondered about all those reminders and encouragements that pop up all over your game screen trying to induce you to become a Fan of Farmville? Well similar to those advertisings, I too persuade you to sign up and become a Farmville Fan. For I have found over time there are numerous advantages of becoming an official Fan of Farmville.

Being a Farmville Fan

To get benefit of this and become a Farmville Fan just proceed over to the formal Farmville website and press on the “Become a Fan” option. After you accomplish this Farmville will be automatically added to your listing of pages on your profile. Consequently enabling posts from the Farmville website to post on your live feed. Your initial response might be getting additional posts in your live feed will be annoying. However there are other perks you get as an official member of Farmville that will considerably out weigh this concern, and also at least their posts are advantageous.

What Type of Information to Expect

Now I am not going to lie to you, a good number of the posts will be on facts about up-to-the-minute features that you will shortly get in the Farmville game. You also will occasionally be given links to additional helpful resources, like weekly Podcasts that offer improvements about up-to-the-minute game developments plus how best to take advantage of them. As a Farmville Fan you will also find out about offers you may get for Farm Cash giveaways or free specialty items offered on other web sites are not officially sanctioned by Farmville.

Fan Perks

Of late there have been a number of sweet advantages set aside exclusively for official Farmville Fans. Often times Farmville’s benefits present their official Farmville Fans an chance to acquire the advantage over non-Farmville Fans by permitting them to implementing up-to-the-minute game features before they are released to the Farmville population as a whole. Some recent benefits Farmville Fans enjoyed were the Super Pumpkins and the 24 x 24 land expansion. In addition to these items just purely being plain cool, they are additionally typically way more effective than the normal items obtainable to the general Farmville population.

The Super Pumpkin, initially released as a celebration of gaining more than fifteen million followers on their Facebook page, quickly started to provide superior overall gain and experience point profile than the bulk of other Farmville crops. Numerous Farmville Fans took advantage of the Super Pumpkin as soon as it was released, and a large amount ended up gaining a noticeably larger bonus than other players who were not official Farmville Fans.

Even More Benefits

Some further cool perks of being a Farmville Fan is that you will get other facts and improvements not common with other players who are not fans. You additionally will be given the capability to send special gifts which is only privy to Farmville Fans. Concerned regarding if your plants need harvesting? Well no need to be concerned any further, because if you are an official Farmville Fan you can ask Farmville to send you an email as soon as your crops are ready to be harvested.

As you can see the benefits of being a Farmville Fan are indeed numerous and well worth having a few added posts on your live feed. So go ahead, sign up, and obtain advantage of the various advantages that will definitely enhance your Farmville gaming experience and after all, isn’t that why you play Farmville.

Okay that is about it at this time for I need to go harvest my crops, chat with you soon. Be certain to download a copy of my free report and read my review on a brand new Farmville course called Farmville Champ, after which go over to for other cool Farmville tips, posts, and video tutorials like how to get a Farmville Hot Rod Tractor.