The situation is like this, my company went bust because of the financial crisis. Previously (before they went bust) I was working in a different company’s office as my company has no office. Now that situation has changed I sense a little bit of resistance.

No one has told me directly that I can no longer work at the office, I still am coming in to work at that office. As a software developer I find this a great opportunity as I never had the freedom to develop the things I want because I had to obey what I was told to develop by my bosses. I’d like to keep it this way. The thing is everyday I go to office to do my work, I get ridiculous suggestions from my colleagues that will definitely cost a lot of money or ruin me. Some of this include buying lottery, buying a car, going to Europe, backpacking, becoming a pastor, or getting another job. The thing is I don’t want to do all this!

I’m worried that these suggestions may creep into the subconscious, and sometimes feel angry that they make such suggestions. What must I do to cope?