Anything that shows that a person usded a lottery software and won (a reasonably healthy sum) money? And which software was it?
Just want to know if its ever been done. And with what.
Im sorry, but I only want to know if it has ever been done. I know everyone has an opinion. And thank you for it. I wanna know a fact. Can i get that?



  • Most are scams, and a waste of time – and possibly even money

    You will have as much luck using a dropped pin.

  • The odds are the same whether using a software which “predicts” winning numbers or choosing a random set yourself.
    My deceased father in law had a “system” to win on horse racing – he didn’t win or lose any more than anyone else and he was never rich.
    If a program is provided free to save you selecting your own numbers – fine.
    If the creators of that program charge a fee to use it – it’s a scam.
    You could write all the numbers on bits of paper and pull ’em out of a hat.
    All have the same chance.

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