I’ve been creating websites literally since the beginning of the (World Wide WebInternet). I mean seriously, I started playing with this stuff when Mosaic was the only browser in the world! Heck, back then you couldn’t even put background images on a web page. HTML was the only language available and web pages were completely static with hyperlinks.

Things moved quickly though and soon the builders of the Mosaic browser started Netscape which of course Microsoft had to try and put out of business with their Internet Explorer (and yes, IE was as bad at the beginning as it still is today). Tables were introduced and quickly became the way to divide pages into sections. I had a hell of a time with tables in the beginning. Nesting table upon table can get very confusing when trying to get that site to look just right.

Then Java was introduced and suddenly websites could actually DO something! I’ve struggled with Javascript since the beginning, just don’t care for it and never did. Perl CGI started about the same time and the web was off and running. It took me a couple of years or so to get Perl down pat, just enough time to watch it go extinct

Then PHP, ASP (another Microsoft Ripoff of a decent language), ColdFusion and whatever else put Perl CGI to rest and led us to the incredibly powerful internet we see today. I picked PHP as my new server side scripting language after struggling with a Microsoft Server my company made me use with IIS and ASP. AAAUUUGHHHHH!

By this time I had the table thing DOWN! Of course though, like anything else, it wasn’t to last. Some moron decided when coming up with the W3C rules that tables are “not so good”. As well as the tags we grew up with like FONT, CENTER and all the rest. Now we’re supposed to STYLE everything with myriads of stupid new CSS commands that do exactly the same thing the old tags we actually understood did. Go figure. Back to the books.

Then things got all Flashy and of course I had to learn that. Flash is really, really cool. No hair off any body parts here, fun learning that. Kind of. Maybe? Ummmmm

Yes, I am getting older and this old dog gets cranky when forced to learn new tricks. But I do understand the reasoning and if we could just get Microsoft to buy in it would worth all the angst. Imagine it if you dare being able to write one page of code for ALL browsers? I don’t think that’ll ever happen – even in heaven.

I wonder what I’ll have to learn next. Wait, it’s already here. AJAX and jQuery – CRAP, Javascript again…

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