Lottery Advantage! Jackpot Gold (Jewel Case)
Never before has such a strong, presents a collection of lottery software and tools is available to the public. This information is not the "Lottery Insider" has maintained the same for years – and now is available to you at this "must have" CD-ROM! Powerful tools included – Works with any number of lottery games: Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 Pick 6, & Select the number is based on historical trends. Calculating the minimum, maximum, and the current event time. Find the number oC
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  • Entertainment: 2 0 / 5 stars This product is only good if you want to play, but if you really want to get some help, and choosing lottery numbers. DESCRIPTION submitted for this product is incorrect, since there is no way that lets you see what the results of the monitoring results to the previous winning numbers. Not worth the money to buy.

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