Is there any software that can calculate the results of the lottery?
I know the formula isn'n sure, but I'm willing to try it. . .



  • Every lottery draw is a completely random event. Even if you track every single draw from the beginning of the lottery, there is no software in the world that is going to give you any information worth having. Even if you bet the numbers that seem to be drawn more frequently than others, this will still not improve your chances. But even if you could improve your chances by 25% (which you can’t) you are simply changing your odds from 115,000,000-1 to maybe 90,000,000-1. Still pretty unlikely.
    You’d be better off investing the time learning to play poker. There are a lot of very lucrative games right now as people are seeing it on TV and trying to learn to play. A good player can take all their money.

  • Khairudin Bin Salim

    August 30, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    if there is, do share with us…. see if you willing to share or not….. wake up okay…

  • nothing can predict the future esp if the event is random.

  • ♣valentine melons♣

    August 31, 2009 at 12:29 am

    well,if u want to make it big,u searching for lottery numbers

  • yes some where I’m sure

  • If there were don’t you think the developer of the software would be very rich and not share his invention with the world? Wise up man….Think about your question. Lottery is pure chance. It is just as likely that last weeks number will come up again as any other number…which is very highly unlikely. we are talking like 10 to 20 million to one.

  • Don’t waste your TIME!

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