Here are some screen shots of LotteryChecker version 3.3

Screen 1 shown below, is how it appears as you first run the software. There are TWO TABS. One to check your own lottery lines, and syndicate lines, and the Historic tab to check a line against the historic results.

lottery checker software

Screen 1

Screen 2 shows how the results are displayed after you’ve ran a check. There are only 3 sample lines in this screen shot, but you can have thousands of your own, and once you’ve entered them, you need never enter them again. As you enter each line, you can assign it a name. This could be the name of a syndicate so you can manage multiple syndicates at once. You can also print the results off and email to friends, family or co-workers.

lottery checker software

Screen 2

Screen 3 shows how the historic tab. Many of our users love this tab and yet hate it at the same time. It allows you to check a line against all the previous winning lottery draws. It takes a lot of courage to do this because you might discover you would have had a big win, so use it with caution!!

You can maintain this list by updating it yourself after each draw. The software comes with draw resuults up to and including September 9, 2009.

You can very easily obtain a list of winning draws from the Internet.

lottery checker software

Screen 3

Screen 4 shows the number of times we would have won with the set of numbers: 2; 6; 12; 23; 34; 45.

As you can see, we would have had many 3 ball wins and a few 4 ball wins. Nothing higher than that (thank goodness!)

lottery checker software

Screen 4

LotteryChecker 3.3 is fun and very easy to use.

Once you have added your syndicate lines in the built in database, you never have to do it again. You can add and delete lines when ever you like, you can share results by printing them off and emailing to others, you can choose lucky dips and much more.

It saves you hours of ‘checking time’ each week.

LotteryChecker version 3.3 is yours for FREE when you purchase any of the lottery systems or software that we review on

To claim your free copy, simply send your purchase receipt to info[@] and we will send you instructions on how to download the lotterychecker software.