It's amazing how easily some people will believe a lie, but it's drawing, kicking and screaming, to see the truth. I have read and heard examples of this every day. After years of hearing such nonsense, I just get that, I am disappointed I was better. You know what I mean? So I decided to tackle these Lotto Lies one by one in this series of articles.
Lotto Lie # 1 – Nothing can be done to improve the chances of winning the lottery.
Vuosien mittaan olen tehnyt virheen yrittää syystä tällaisten skeptikot. I multiplied the undeniable logic, irrefutable data and example after example of the lottery, which shows that their position is unacceptable. All in vain. It should be noted that the only sane person, someone with an open mind and willing to engage in intellectual debate, there can never be sure of anything. So, if you read this, I'm probably preaching choir. So, if you turn all the pages of one of my favorite hymn, "You can improve your chances of winning the lottery. —
The first Lotto Lie "is naive and easily undone. The first is a lottery gaming. All cash games, the player is sure to win. Until then, even skeptics agree. But here is what usually lose them. Blackjack
All the money in games like Lotto, is a different situation. Some people are very good, some people are very poor, and the rest of us fall somewhere in between. For example, just a few years ago that the general belief was that the success of Black Jack was pure luck. After all, it was random gambling, including lotteries. And still, the professional players seem to do very well.
Casinos promote the idea that it was the occasional gambling, because it helped their performance, while professional players quietly walked their business. Some MIT students slipped the keys to the castle and the bark is a lot of money in casinos. You may have heard the story or seen the film.
Just like the lottery if you play Black Jack wisely, you can improve your chances of winning. In Blackjack, you can explore the history by adding cards and apply the basics of probability, and the advantage of swings for the home player. When people learn about it, almost overnight, the courses offered and the books were sold. People have noticed that there were many of them could improve their chances to win. Texas Holdem
Another example is Texas Hold'em, which has become a global phenomenon. After Doyle Brunson published Super / System book, the truth was out. If you play the game intelligently, study the history of returns each opponent and apply the basics you can increase your chances of winning.
Now there are many more books, courses, tapes, CD and even the camps. When people realize that success is determined, how to play, people around the world flopping, shifting and rolling river. State lotteries
Just as we did in casino blackjack, state lotteries have encouraged and perpetuated Lotto Lie # 1, that nothing can be done to improve the chances of winning the lottery. But lottery gambling, like any other. Therefore, the same logic applies.
* Play smart
* Research lottery history
* Use basic probability
* Use best computer software lottery
Computers have been used to solve many of the mysteries of the so-called Random games of chance such as blackjack, poker and investing in stocks, to name a few. But as many have pointed out, the draw is the most difficult games ever developed. So, try to improve the lottery to play a computer is unlikely to bring futility.
Thus, you will need the Best Lottery Software that provides everything you need at their request, such as life. Well, the best Genie is a bottle, his computer. His name is Lona;.
Professor Dolph second article in the Lotto Lies series is the "Lottery Secrets – lottery is a random game of chance."

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