This article is the third in a row Lotto Lies. This article is to dispel the myth that the lottery is fair game. There are many Winning Lottery Strategies, will take the wind of the sails of any fair game fan. So, read and see a simple example of a strategy to improve the chances of winning the lottery the next project.
Lotto Lie # 3 – Lottery is a fair game. Odds of winning the lottery are the same for everyone. It's just not fair
Each sweepstakes or lottery officials have no choice but to recognize that the lottery is fair game. Can you imagine, even the roar that would occur if they fail to take this position; Tribune reported today that the Director of State Lottery, Unfair D. Rawing allegedly says that the state lottery is not fair play.
Politicians should be coming out of the woodwork to condemn such irresponsible statement and promising that it would require the immediate use of the laws of the State Lottery Research Board. Ei olisi turvallinen mikrofoni tai kamera jättää valtiossa.
Heads should be done. The governor could request the Director of the difference between the lottery. It called a press conference for peace and to convince people that it is wonderful that the State Lottery fiscally positive that all winners will be paid in full and, above all, the State Lottery was fair.
Of course, I have a lot of fun here. I'm sure most of you could picture the hilarity three Ring Circus. After all, when politicians seriously, it is only possible by those who have no sense of humor.
But Mr Rawing was right! It is not fair. It was never, not now not ever be fair. To prove my point, let me recall one of my favorite jokes. High glass of water
A few years ago, I participated in discussions on the subject of this tall glass of water Texas, complete and cowboy boots, hat and belt buckle that only look small from a hundred meters away. Now, Percival was a nice guy but skeptical about my claims that can improve the chance of winning the Texas 6-54 lottery.
So I asked a simple question. "Perc, you can choose any number 54, which are not adjusted to draw today?" I will never forget his answer. "Hell, that's easy. I have a fake Pick 6 numbers from each drawin for years. "
Some of you may already understand exactly what happened. You see, when all the other members of Texas, played in 6 of the 54 draft that night, Perc played in 6 of the 53 draft. Perc now there is nothing wrong or breach of the law, and yet, that retirement was not fair for all of Texas. Perc decided advantage. Big Deal in Texas
Now those of you who think that this is no big deal, not worth your time, will receive special attention. You can see what Perc was that night was a big deal. Here's how big.
Odds to win Texas 6-54 lottery are 1 / 25827165. But the victory for Perc 6-53 lottery are 1 / 22957480. Wow Simply remove the work numbers, only one game away from 2869685 to lose the stakes. It has almost 3 million bet! It has 3 million lost the bet, the Perc not spend money. Perc only spent money on the bet that was able to win the jackpot lottery. You Got Me
Already hear the skeptics, many of you there, spraying and stuttering, trying to get the word out. "But but but … It tr-TR true if the number belongs to the removal of the winning numbers! "
It took me. You will be prompted to me. But before you quit completely, let's take this argument further. In this lottery, has 48 digits, which may not do. All you need to do the right thing to choose 1 number from this group of 48 digits. Of course, you must select one of the 6 numbers strikes again, but next year will have succeeded more than 90% of the time! Thus, we must decide how to improve your chances of winning the lottery than 48 weeks of the year is good enough for you. When you see it that way, I wonder if the decision you make.
If everyone followed this simple approach to the game, state lottery officials until after Sunday morning scratching their heads. It is able to explain the sudden Spike sharing plan. Fair play
Thus, the lottery is a fair game? Would be if every player did nothing to improve their chances of winning the lottery. Maybe it's a day but should not be silenced.
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